Tennis Holiday Camps 2017

Summer Camps 2017

Summer Camp

Summer camp booking available by clicking on the week you want.

Please note that member rate ONLY applies to members of Western Tennis Club. 

Camp is now almost completely full except for 8 and under children. For a guaranteed spot in the club next door, Hillhead, who run an identical programme, please call Gordon on 07981 905 303. 

We have taken bookings offline until Wednesday 21st June so that we can do an analysis of what age groups we have spaces for. We DEFINITELY have spaces for 8 and under for every week. 9 + years is now nearly full. If you would like us to contact you when the bookings are back online again, please add your details to our waiting list HERE

The full day sessions are for those aged 8 years upwards.



Non member
1 week (half days)

1 week (full days)

Individual half days

Individual full days


Activities at Camp

A typical day at camp for a 5 - 7 year old goes like this:

10 - arrive and meet in bar
10 - 1030 - warm ups and co-ordination exercises outside
1030 - 1120 - tennis session part one in ability groups
1120 - 1140 - break
1140 - 1230 - tennis session part two
1230 - depart (but can stay till 1 pm on Fridays if having pizza!)

and for 8 - 16 year olds

10 - arrive and meet in bar
10 - 1020 - warm ups
1020 - 1230 - more intense session than above with no break for the oldest group (the 8 - 11 year olds often have a break, the 10+ can take their drinks and snacks on court)
1230 - 1 pm lunch and rest
1 - 3 - afternoon activities which include tennis matches, tennis games, rounders, football, fitness and fun...

During the Easter and Summer camps we have:

Wacky Wednesdays and Pizza Fridays

More details of these nearer the time ...

We have pizza day on Fridays  and ALL children are welcome to stay for pizza including the morning children. They need to let the coach know in the morning when they arrive and hand in £3.50 for this on a Thursday. If morning children are staying for pizza, they can be collected at 1 pm instead of 1230 pm. 

We sometimes have a water fight on Friday afternoons after lunch or before the end of the day (weather dependent). The children get very excited about this but we really just stop at 240, let them throw water at each other (and the unsuspecting coaches) and then send them in to get changed. Change of clothes compulsory. There is also an alternative activity if the children would rather not take part.

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