New Enquiries

If you are looking for more information about coaching for children at Western, this page is for you!

Please read below and if interested, fill in this online form and email to let us know you have done this.

Age and Ability Guide

Below you will find a rough outline of age group and colour for children. We welcome you letting us know if your child has a friend who they would like to come along at the same time with as this can really help on their first visit.

Very approximately:

Red = 4 - 8 yrs
Orange = 8 - 10
Green = 9 - 11
Yellow = 10 +
(subject to ability and experience)

All year round programme

We run coaching during term time for children aged 4/5 years +. Details about dates and prices can be found under our 'Coaching 2017' tab.We also run tennis activity camps during the February, Easter and Summer holidays. More information can be found under 'Tennis Camps' tab on the home page.

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